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Want to contact the Westcoast Veterinary /
Naples Safari  staff?
email us at has information on pet
medical conditions, husbandry, medications and
behavior provided By Veterinary Information
Network, the world's largest on line veterinary
Click MyVetOnline to link to our site that provides
videos on how to pill your cat or dog,  ear
medication techniques, tooth care and brushing as
well as other  pet friendly articles like traveling with
your pet, household dangers, and allergies in itchy
Find out about the latest advances in canine
medicine using stem cells to treat joint and ligament
issues as well as autoimmune diseases.  Stem Cell
treatments are available at Westcoast Veterinary
Hospital.  Click
here to find out more from Vet Stem
about regenerative medicine.
Is your cat on heartworm prevention?   All cats,  
both indoor or outdoor, should be.  See how to
protect your cat from Heartworm Associated
Respiratory Disease by clicking on
Doggie Breath is more than just gross.  Dental disease is a serious health problem for pets that can affect the liver, kidneys,
and heart.
To find out more
click here.  To find videos that show how to brush your pets teeth click here.  Oh yeah - and that goes for
Tuna breath too
Moving, travelling or spend time in another locale? As members of VIN, a 20,000 plus group of veterinarians from around the
world, we have links to other members websites so that you may   find a veterinary hospital  in another locale.  Click on
Veterinarian  LINKS to tour hospitals in the US and Canada.
Bark Busters ,the worlds largest dog training company has come to SW Florida.  Originating in Australia, and with offices all
over the world, the Barkbuster techniques have been proven to be successful. Find out more!
Naples Safari Animal Hospital & Pet Resort / Westcoast Veterinary Hospital on Facebook
SW Florida Professional Dog Trainers Alliance is the largest training company  in Naples and Southwest Florida.  They have
both group and private classes  available.  100% of their proceeeds benefit  The Humane Society of Naples.  They also have
information of canine agility activities.
Do you want to keep your dog or cat contained to certain areas  - indoor or out?   Invisible Fence provides the products and
support  to keep everyone happy and safe.
Tired of picking up Poop?  Let Pet Butler do the scooping for you.
Have a pet bird? Harrison's Organic Bird Foods provides helpful information on diet and care.  Harrison's food is certified
organic and was formulated by an avian veterinarian.  Harrison's can be puchased at Westcoast Veterinary Hospital.
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Thinking about pet insurance?  This site gives general information about what to look for description of terms and how to
compare policies :
Top Dog Kitchen is a local business makes homemade, preservative free treats for dogs and cats.  They will also custom
formulate treats for your pet's specific needs. They can be found at the North Naples Green Market on Saturdays and
Marco Island Farmer's Market on Wednesdays starting in November. They can be sampled at Naples Safari or ordered for
pick up during the week if you miss the Market.